Social Media Marketing

Social Media has evolved a lot in past decade today sharing, shopping and storytelling have melded into a single experience and even today it is changing its shape and size, we are a fusion of commerce, social behavior and digital technology and this quality of ours will make you stand out of the crowd in your social media strategies and campaigns.


Today Facebook has become the largest platform for display advertising in the entire world. As a matter of fact Facebook alone produce more views than its next three competitors combined do. Facebook has currently more than 1 billion users and as per Facebook the average user spend 7 hours every month on the social network. This proves that Facebook can take you to your target audiences.

Facebook Ads will lead you to

  Brand Awareness– To reach people who might be interested in your brand;

  Reach – To reach the maximum number of people;

  Traffic – To increase website traffic, app traffic, or Facebook page traffic;

  Engagement – to increase engagement (i.e. post likes, post comments, post shares, event responses, claim offers etc.)

  App Installs – To increase your app installation;

  Video Views – To increase exposure to your video view count;

  Lead Generation – To collect lead information from interested prospects via lead capture forms;

  Messages – to initiate a conversation with prospects by increasing messages on Facebook messenger;

  Conversion – Reaches people who are more likely to convert on website or app;

  Catalog Sales – To use specific ads that show items from catalogs to a target audience;

  Store Visits – To reach people near your location and get them to visit your store;

With Facebook High-level targeting options include:

  Geographic Location: country, state, city, and zip code.

  Device Targeting: desktop, mobile, and/or tablet.

  Demographic Targeting: age, gender, parental status, orientation, income, relationship status, education, and ethnicity.

  Interest Targeting: hobbies, activities, public figures, artists, sports, and everything else.

  Behavioral Targeting: life events, job role, purchase behavior, and media consumption.


Daily over 75 million people are on Instagram which makes it over 500 Million active users viewing platform. Instagram has become far more that a platform for posting selfies it has unparalleled fan engagement rates and ground breaking digital commerce possibilities. Instagram has become the fastest growing social platform and highly profitable digital marketing platform.

As one of the largest yet newest mobile ad platform it support the following objectives:

  Welcome Series

  Page Post Engagement

  Brand Awareness

  Clicks To Website

  Website Conversions

  Video Views

  Reach & Frequency


Twitter has evolved itself and is now world’s most effective marketing platform for interacting with users in a real-time fashion, when it comes to advertising it is above all doubt best for proactively engaging with not only with your existing customers but also plays an important role in acquiring new potential customers. We strongly suggest every brand to be highly active on Twitter.

With Twitter your benefits include:

  Provides instant access to conversions such as sales, leads, and email acquisitions

  Followers are a broad audience of potential consumers and influencers just waiting to be tapped.

  Is a customer service channel to gauge and address concerns? Functions as a portal to connect with influencers.

  Works as a great tool for effectively nurturing CRM leads.

  Helps boost your website traffic by remarketing to visitors who have visited before.


When it comes to B2B Marketing LinkedIn is the single most effective platform in the world today, it is also the most impactful tool which businesses can use for not only their sales cycle but also to boosts customer loyalty and trust; it is also a idle platform for launching new products and services.

With LinkedIn you will be able to Develop and Advertise yourself on:

  Company Page: Explain your company to existing and potential customers in a way that increases brand value and loyalty.

  Showcase Pages: Create dedicated pages for flagship products and services to better communicate with target audiences.

  Sponsored Content: Raise awareness of your brand with native posts inserted directly into members’ news feeds.

  Sponsored InMail: Alert prospects of key launches and bring the product to their attention directly in their inbox.

  Display Advertising: Reach business professionals and high quality leads site-wide with various dynamic display ads.

  Text Advertising: Fine tune your targeting options to reach just the right people and drive high-quality leads with this costeffective ad unit.

  LinkedIn Groups: Demonstrate thought leadership in your industry through regular use of Groups and discussion.

  Welcome Series

  Page Post Engagement

  Brand Awareness

  Clicks To Website

  Website Conversions

  Video Views

  Reach & Frequency


With billions of Pins Pinterest is the best platform to build your Brand Story and to showcase the world your products and services. Pinterest brings you high visibility for your product, today prospects search Pinterest for various inspirations, in short it is perfect social search engine for your advertising.


With Pinterest you can advertise through:

  Buyable Pins: Buyable Pins generate revenue for businesses by allowing users to make purchases directly from individual Pins without leaving Pinterest. They can also be repinned, essentially creating free advertising.

  Promoted Pins: Promoted Pins extend a brand’s reach and audience by performing better and for longer than organic Pins. As native advertising, they blend seamlessly into existing organic Pins, boosting brand awareness.

  Organic Pins:Organic Pins are crucial for building a brand’s reputation, brand awareness, and brand loyalty. Audiences will Pin and repin brand content that they like, so build followers by having quality organic content.


What You will Get

Building Strategy

To deliver a PPC campaign that’s perfect for you, we first understand your business, industry sector, competitors and USP’s and then we develop perfect Strategies for you.

Timely Implementation

We make sure that the strategies are implemented in perfect timing, that will ensure your success in PPC Advertising, any change in strategy should also be time bound.


We'll ensure you’re targeting the most appropriate keywords and not wasting spend. We use sophisticated techniques ensuring you cover the full search landscape while avoiding the areas which aren’t right for your business.

Adcopy Writing

We ensure your adverts are tightly focused to the ad group’s keywords and to the landing pages on your website; with a strong call to action and continuous testing we can be sure you’re getting the right traffic at the lowest cost you could pay.

Ad Extensions

Today Ad extensions have become a vital part of any PPC campaign. Ad extensions transform your adtext and give you the opportunity to stand out, over your competitors.

Shopping Ads

We’ll help you set up, manage and optimize your shopping campaigns and product listing ads to promote your inventory.


Without the right data, optimizing a PPC campaign would just be a shot in the dark, so one of the very first things we do is to make sure the tracking is setup properly, giving us all the data we need to optimize the accounts going forward.

PPC Optimization

Ongoing optimization will continually refine and focus the campaign to push the performance boundaries.


We produce reports which provide meaningful insight into what’s happening with your PPC campaign. What we’ve been working on, what we’ve noticed your competitors doing and how your paid search is performing against the key metrics you’re most interested in.